6 Top free tools to find long tail keywords for your content

By | November 15, 2015

Long tail keyword tools

Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are one of the most effective ways to build targeted traffic to your website or blog.
There are precisely 2 good reasons to use them

1. Long tail keywords carry words that signal a certain level of buyer intent.
2. They have much less competition so are easier to rank for.

So when it comes to marketing, you are looking for customers for something that you are selling. Be it your own or someone else’s product. And long tail keywords bring you the “buyer” traffic that consists of people looking for something.

Take for example the following 2 keywords –

1. web designing
2. web designing company in new york

Ofcourse the second one is longer, but it also indicates that whoever is searching with that phrase is probably looking to “hire” a web designing company. In other words, they want to buy something.

So if you build your content around that buyer keyword, you will draw less but more targeted traffic that will get you more sales or conversions for your business.

That was just a one line intro, to what long tail keywords are and what they can do. In this post we shall be taking a look at some free tools that you can use to discover long tail keywords for your content.

1. Free SeoStack Chrome Extension

The SeoStack Chrome extension is a free tool that generates long tail keyword suggestions from multiple search engines like Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon and Ebay.

Install SeoStack Chrome Extension

Here is a quick screenshot –

Get keywords from youtube using seostack chrome extension

Multiple seed keywords can be specified at once and it would generate over 300 long tail keyword suggestions around every seed keyword.

You can also specify wildcard based keywords like How to * iphone and the tool would generate keywords that are similar to that keyword phrase.

Install SeoStack Chrome Extension

Once you have generated enough keywords, head over to Google keyword planner and feed those keywords to get search volume and cpc data.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Yes, the same old google keyword planner can be used to find long tail keywords. You just need to dig deep multiple times depending on the volume indications.


So lets say your seed keyword is “make website“. Put it into keyword planner and get the results. These are the results of the 1st stage. Sort the keywords volume wise descending, so that the higher volumes are visible on top.

Now look for keywords that have some what higher search volume.
For example I see a keyword – “how to make a website for free” – monthly search volume – 8100.

Now such keywords that have significant volumes are actually hiding more long tail keywords below.

Search again with “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms”

Just search keyword planner again for the keyword “how to make a website for free” but also enable the keyword option – Only show ideas closely related to my search terms.

Now keyword planner would bring up lots of low volume, but long tail keywords that are related to

how to make a website for free

Here are some examples

1. how to make a business website for free
2. how to make a website from scratch for free
3. how to make a .com website for free

And I see more than 25 such keywords. The keywords are long tail with lots of words, but are also highly targeted to a specific purpose. Targeting them would be much easier than targeting something generic like “make website”

3. Ubersuggest

UberSuggest is a web tool that scrapes keywords from google suggest. Those keywords that popup while you are typing a search term into google.

google suggest keyword research

It simple adds alphabets a-z one by one to the keyword provided and retrieves google suggestions for that pattern. Like this

“make website a”, “make website b” … “make website z”

Google suggest shows a lot many more keywords than keyword planner.

Pro tip – Get Volume data

Once you have the keywords from ubersuggest, put them in a txt file and upload on keyword planner to get the volume+cpc data. Its as simple as that.

4. Soovle

Soovle.com is another online tool that scrapes suggestions from not just google, but also Bing, Youtube, Yahoo, Amazon and many other engines.

If you are building an affiliate site around amazon products then you can use soovle to generate keyword ideas from amazon.com

5. SeoChat keyword suggestion tool

The tool can be found here –

It scrapes keywords from Google, Bing, Amazon, Youtube.

6. Google related keyword searches

The related keywords are those, that appear at the bottom of the google search result page, marked as “Searches related to …”

Google related keyword searches

Google related keyword searches

These keywords are those that are very similar and closely related to the original search term, but also are long tail and have some good search volume.

Once you have gathers some long tail keywords from related searches section, upload them to keyword planner to get volume+cpc data.

Pro tip

Get related keywords for all the keywords generated via google suggest and keyword planner. You will land on a really huge list of keywords.

7. SeoChat related keywords tool

The tool can be found here –

The tool grabs related keywords from google for a given search phrase. It also has the option to do it multiple times that is find related keywords to the related keywords.

Download SeoStack

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  1. David Pascal

    Really informative. I am currently using Google Keyword Planner and Ubbersuggesst and they are very nice. I will also give SeoChat a try. Thanks.


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