Getting related keyword searches from Google and Bing

Related keywords

Related keywords are those keywords that appear at the end of the search engine results and are marked as related to your original search phrase.

The related keywords are highly related to your original search term and provides an insight into the market of your product or service.

They are long tail, have good traffic, and give you bright ideas to write content. Use them to find great keywords for your seo and content strategy.

Get related keywords with SeoStack

SeoStack can automatically fetch the related keywords from Google and Bing. For each provided keyword Google and Bing provide upto 8 related keyword search terms.

1. Launch SeoStack
2. Click on Tools > Related keywords
3. Paste your list of keywords in the left box
4. Click Start

Here is a screenshot of how it will look –

Fetching related keywords from Google takes time. You will be prompted to fill in the captcha code at regular intervals because Google tries to block automated requests.