Getting Started with SeoStack

Lets start

After you have installed SeoStack on your machine, its time to start using it to find great keywords for your blog, site, ppc campaign or anything.

1. Register with license key

When you run the app for the first time, it is going to ask for the registered email address and the associated license key, whether free or paid.

You should have received the details right into your inbox. Fill those and hit Register and it should should startup showing splash page.

2. Login to Google Keyword Planner

The very first time, SeoStack shall automatically ask you to login to Google Keyword Planner. Google Keyword Planner is used to fetch keyword ideas using seed keywords and also volume data for keywords coming from other sources.

Login using your google login. The login shall be done directly in a browser window that can be accessed from the menu also Settings > Configure Keyword Planner.

3. Generate keywords using the tools

There are 3 main tools inside SeoStack to generate keywords. Each uses a different source for fetching keywords.

1. Google Keyword Planner – This gets keyword from keyword planner directly. Takes time.

2. Keyword Suggestions
This gets keyword suggestions from search engines including, from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon and Ebay.
Keyword suggestions are those keywords that popup while you type a term in the search box.

3. Related keyword ideas

Related keywords are available from Google and Bing. These are the keywords that are shown on the search related page, marked as “related to” your original search term.

So use whichever tool you like to generate keywords. For best results use the tools in combinations. For example, first get keyword ideas from keyword planner. Next get related keywords for all the keyword ideas found in the previous step.

4. Save keywords to a List

After generating keywords from any of the tools, use the “Save to List” button, to save the keywords to a list. Once the keywords are saved to a list, you can do further analysis like competition level etc.

After saving the keywords to a list, the list name would appear on the keyword list panel on the right and can be opened from there by double clicking.

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