Getting keyword suggestions from Google, Youtube and other search engines

Keyword suggestions

Keyword suggestions are those keywords that popup while you type something in the search box on search engines like Google, Bing etc.

These keywords give you an idea about what searches people are making at present times. This helps to understand your audience and market quickly and easily.

They keywords are long tail, have good traffic and get you new ideas for writing content and rank your site.

Get keyword suggestions using SeoStack

SeoStack can automatically get you keyword suggestions from the following search engine –

1. Google
2. Youtube
3. Bing
4. Yahoo
5. Amazon
6. Ebay

If you are building a niche site around some amazon product, then use Amazon to generate keyword ideas.

1. Launch SeoStack
2. Click Tools > Keyword Suggestions
3. Type in the seed keywords on the left box. Select the search engines you wish to get suggestions from.
4. Click Start

Almost instantly, keywords would start filling up the results table. Here is a screenshot –

Get search volume and cpc data

After having generated keyword using the keyword suggestion tool, the next task is to generate the search volume and cpc data.

1. Save the keywords to a list.
2. Open the list.
3. Select all keywords
4. Click the Get Volume button at the bottom, and wait for results to arrive.