Get keyword ideas from Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Ideas

The very first place to generate keywords is by using the Google Keyword Planner tool. It provides upto 800 keyword ideas around any given seed keyword.

The keyword ideas can then be explored further to come up with high traffic content topics.

SeoStack can fetch keywords from keyword planner.

Generate keyword ideas with SeoStack

Before you can start generating keyword ideas with SeoStack, you need to login into your Google Keyword Planner account in the Settings > Keyword Planner window.

SeoStack uses this window to communicate with Keyword Planner in the background, and get you the keywords.

1. Launch SeoStack
2. Click Tools > Keyword Ideas
3. Enter the seed keyword on the left box
4. Click Start

After a few minutes, the keywords should appear in the results table.

Dig further – Get long tail keyword

SeoStack provides you with a quick option to dig a keyword to get closely related keyword ideas. Keyword that have a large search volume often have lots of long tail keywords under them. Simply right click any one such keyword and click dig closely.

It will then automatically get keyword ideas for that particular keyword with “Close Match” enabled. This is a simple yet effective way to get long tail keywords out of keyword planner.

Save keywords to list for further analysis

After having generated plenty of keywords, save them to a list to analyse them. Open the list and then you can fetch allintitle data and keyword competition levels.

What next ?

Keyword ideas is just the beginning. Pick out the best long tail keywords and run them through the “Related Keywords” tool to get upto 10x more keywords.