Analyze keyword competition with SeoStack

Keyword competition analysis

After finding out keywords, its important to analyze the competition on that keyword in the search engine results. In other words, how difficult would it be to try to rank for that keyword with some content.

If a keyword is too competitive, that is, if there are lots of powerful and authority sites present in the google search result for that keyword, it would be difficult to rank for it and any efforts to build content around that keyword will go in vain.

Therefore the fundamental principle is to select keywords with low competition. Writing content around such keywords will not only get us ranked faster, but also build traffic faster.

Checking Keyword competition with SeoStack

SeoStack can help you check the competition of any keyword with ease.

First it fetches the top 10 competitors for a given keyword from Google. Then it analyzes multiple metrics and factors like number of backlinks, onpage optimisation etc to determine how strong each url is.

Then it provides a single digit keyword competition score which indicates how difficult it would be to rank for that keyword.

There are 2 ways to analyze keyword competition inside SeoStack.

1. Keyword Competition in keyword list

The first and easy way to calculate the competition is to simply click Calculate button for any given keyword in the keyword list.

Here is a screenshot.

seostack keyword competition analysis

seostack keyword competition analysis

It will take a few minutes to analyze each keyword and then display a single digit number which would indicate the competition level. Here is an example of how to interpret the competition score –

1-10: Very low competition
10-20: Low competition
20-30: Moderate competition
30-40: High competition
40+: very high competition

So looking at the KC score, your goal would be to spot and select keywords that have a competition score of less than 20. The lower, the better.

Indepth analysis of each url

Apart from the KC column, you can also analyze keyword competition using the Tools > Competition Analysis tool. This tool displays all the metrics for each url in a table.

Here is a screenshot

Finding low competition keywords

Long tail keywords are the ones that have lesser competition than the generic short tail ones. Try to find as many long tail keywords as you can using all the keyword generation tools inside SeoStack.