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By | March 9, 2016

Keywords from Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest ecommerce site and a great place to find popular keywords. As you type in your search in, it would start popping suggestions around the search term to indicate what other peoples are searching.

By scraping these keyword suggestions, we can get lots of useful keyword ideas around a particular product or keyword. And then ofcourse build content targeting those keywords to rank fast and easy.

SeoStack Chrome Extension

The Free SeoStack Chrome Extension is an excellent tool to scrape keyword suggestions from
For every seed keyword, it adds modifiers like alphabet letters and numbers and sends them to amazon to get keyword ideas.

Here is a quick screenshot –

get keywords from amazon with seostack chrome extension

get keywords from amazon with seostack chrome extension

Install SeoStack Chrome Extension from Google Webstore

Here is how to use it.

1. Put in your seed keyword in the left box
2. Select Amazon as the source.
3. Click Start

Almost instantly, the data table on the right will be filled with lots of keywords from amazon. The tool can generate over 300 keywords per seed keyword.

Get search volume and cpc data

After generating keywords, click the button labelled “Get volume+cpc data” and it would open the Google Keyword Planner in a new window.

Login to your keyword planner account and feed in the keywords to get they volume and cpc data.


If you are building an amazon affiliate site to sell products then its essential to find and target the right keywords that have search volumes.

The keyword tool reveals the keywords that are being searched on amazon and keyword planner tells the search volume. The only thing left is to pick the right keyword with a decent search volume and low competition so that it is easy to rank.

Download SeoStack

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  1. Joe Watson

    Re: ” Login to your keyword planner account and feed in the keywords to get the volume and cpc data.”

    It is not possible now to get specific volume data from Keyword Planner and now the volumes are in ranges such as 10 -100K, 100 -1000K etc.

    Could you comment please.

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